It has been a stressful month so far and I desperately think that I need to take a break and relax. I applied for leave last week but it has still not been sanctioned. God, that sucks! But something inside me is assuring me that the leave will be sanctioned with pay. I don't mind if they cut my pay and give me an unpaid leave either as long as the leave is approved. If it does not get approved by the way I have a strong resolve to quit. I have no idea what I will be doing after that but this is the best I can stretch myself. I mean everyone has their limits.

So forgetting about the office thing, I think I am going to go on a fishing break near the backwaters around 40 miles from my house. I have all the necessary equipment except fishing lures so I placed an order for fishing lures today through the internet (via Hoping to get them soon.

I am actually getting kind of excited in a very long time about getting out of the work routine and do some soul searching..


Vista was a disaster.. but I think finally Microsoft has learned from it's mistakes. It's a good thing and it's great for everyone. I am really excited about the release of windows 7 Operating system. I have read that it has some great features and is going to be very similar to XP in terms of functionality and like Vista in terms of interface. Now that's a great combination I must say. Now if only they launch it soon enough..