My Gloves 01/18/2009

I got a pair ofearly 2 years back and I still use them. They are in very good condition but my I think my girlfriend wants them replaced. She always  wants the best for me I guess. The problem here is that I have a thousand memories associated with these gloves. I also have an internal feeling that these are my lucky gloves. And these are the precise feelings that have always stopped me from getting a new pair of gloves from myself. But I think my girl is bent upon getting me a new pair and I have a feeling she is going to gift me a new paid coming valentine's day. I don't know if to be happy or sad!! Once she gets me the gloves she will definitely insist me on using the gloves and you know how hard it is to get used to the new one.. ah the issues you face with the break in time! Anycase, let's just hope I get some other gift on valentines and she forgets about the glove idea..


The day is finally about the arrive.. I had the best Christmas of all time because Obama was elected but I also wanted Christmas to get over soon and the new year to begin.  Because I really could not take the long wait before Obama took office and put all his promises to life. And now the moment is finally about to happen. This is more exciting than campaigning for Obama and seeing him deliver the victory speech. This is the moment of truth.. the moment we have all been waiting for.  Only thing I regret is that I won;t be able to attend the speak live, but I am going to catch it on youtube and the TV. Cheers for Obama!